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The Hidden Problems Water Leaks Pose | SERVPRO® of Westfield

12/12/2022 (Permalink)

"a white ceiling showing signs of water damage from a leak " If you experience any water damage inside your home or business, reach out to SERVPRO of Westfield.

You might spot several red flags when facing a water seepage problem in your home. Excess moisture can cause poor air quality, resulting in a lasting earthy odor inside your home.

The additional moisture may potentially corrode your indoor equipment. While there are many warning signs of a water seepage issue, one of the most noticeable indicators is a puddle of water at your feet.

Don’t allow water seepage to take control of your Westfield home. Learn where water leaks usually occur and what you can do to keep water at bay.

Water Fixture Leaks

Leaks frequently occur near areas like your sink and other bathroom fixtures. Poor upkeep in these locations, such as deteriorated water supply lines and old caulk, frequently invites water damage in your home.

Keep an eye on these areas and inspect for leaks during your routine cleaning. Early detection could spare you some headaches because it only takes a small leak to develop into an expensive issue.

Water From Appliances

If your refrigerator includes a water supply or ice machine, you’re at risk of leakage. Appliances like your dishwasher can leak for days before you even notice there’s a problem. Your flooring may sustain significant damage from this hidden problem, necessitating time-consuming and expensive repair work.

Unplug and move your appliance away from your wall when inspecting for a leak. Check your wall for signs of damage, pooling water or mold growth. If you spot any issues, get in touch with our restoration team, and we can quickly restore the damage.

External Sources

Water damage isn’t just an indoor issue, though! Water seepage from outside sources, such as severe weather, can harm your house both inside and out.

Winters in Westfield can range from calm and mild to hectic and snowy. Hazards like rain and ice storms are expected during this part of the year, but strong snowstorms can catch us by surprise. Preparing your home for the unexpected will enable you to avoid water damage caused by extreme winter weather.

Even if a leak is not flowing from within your home, you can still get the problem under control. Caring for your home through regular upkeep makes a huge difference in keeping your home dry. Simple maintenance tasks like sealing up any entry points around your property will keep water out all season long!

Your gutters and downspouts are an area your should maintain often. Keep your gutters free of debris, dirt and leaves to avoid a clog that could result in a leak.

Additionally, you can utilize the landscaping around your home to create a barrier against excess water. Protect your home’s foundation by sloping the dirt around the base of your home downwards to send water flowing away from your property.

If you experience water damage inside your home or business, call us247. We have the experience and equipment to get your property back in working order fast.

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